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WordPress固定網址出現404錯誤 (Synology)

[Solution] 在WordPress 3.4.x 設定固定網址成數值式後,所有的文件都出現404錯誤,解決方式如下: vi /volume1/web/wordpress/wp-includes/class-wp.php 在$pathinfo = $_SERVER[‘PATH_INFO’];前加兩個斜線,註解該行程式,如下:       //$pathinfo = $_SERVER[‘PATH_INFO’]; 並在下面一行加入:      $pathinfo = mb_convert_encoding($_SERVER[‘PATH_INFO’], “UTF-8″, “Big5″); 在$req_uri = $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’];前加兩個斜線,註解該行程式,如下:       //$req_uri = $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]; 並在下面一行加入:      $req_uri = mb_convert_encoding($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’], “UTF-8″, “Big5″);

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Country Unresolved in Webalizer (Synology)

[Problem] Webalizer 在 Top x of x Total Countries 中總會出現 Country Unresolved/Unknown 的訊息。 [Environment] Synology DSM 5, Webalizer 2.21 [Solution] 用SSH連至Synology機器,並以root帳號、admin密碼登入系統 將 “HostnameLookups On" 加到下列兩個檔案的最後一行。 /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf  /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf-user 重新啟動apachehttpd -k stop|start|restart PS.Synology reboot後,設定會被還原成預設值。但apache service restart則不會。 [Reference] http://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?f=135&t=14296

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Synology NAS 網頁上傳容量限制的修改

[Problem] 修改 Synology NAS 網頁上傳容量的限制 [Environment] Synology DSM 5 [Solution] telnet or ssh to Synology NAS with root which password is the same admin. (the admin’s password can’t be empty) vi /etc/php/php.ini modify php.ini as bellow: ———————————————- max_execution_time = 600 max_input_time

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