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/usr/bin/env: php: No such file or directory

錯誤訊息:/usr/bin/env: php: No such file or directory 代表系統內沒有安裝PHP的Command-line interface,利用yum安裝php-cli、php-common兩個套件即可,指令如下: # yum install php-cli php-common


Synology NAS 網頁上傳容量限制的修改

[Problem] 修改 Synology NAS 網頁上傳容量的限制 [Environment] Synology DSM 5 [Solution] telnet or ssh to Synology NAS with root which password is the same admin. (the admin’s password can’t be empty) vi /etc/php/php.ini modify php.ini as bellow: ———————————————- max_execution_time = 600 max_input_time

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